In the seventies, if you were a financial analyst, you needed to write your formula's down as "requirements", hand them down to the IT department, which created an application that implemented those requirements. When the end result was done, the calculations were run and the results passed back to you. Looking at the results, you would realize that the requirements weren't perfect and you would start over.

In 1979, VisiCalc was the first spreadsheet introduced, followed by Microsoft Excel in 1985. These applications revolutionize financial analysis. Financial experts could type their formula's into the computer and get immediate results, interactively improving their calculations and exploring better ways of analyzing the data.

In avionics software, we're still writing requirements down at the system level and we hand them over to the "IT department". And invariably, requirements change and huge amounts of money are lost when implementing change requests.

Sol is like the first spreadsheet for avionics software. All you need to do is enter your inputs, your formula's and your outputs (via data link or on-screen). At the press of the button, your formula's come to live and you can execute your formula's. Sol understands avionics protocols such as ARINC 429, so can can connect up actual hardware to these tests. Alternatively, you can use our built-in simulator to execute your requirements on Windows PC, Mac or iPad.

The result is that you can interactively explore your software design, whether it is your filter functions or your visual representation or your data communication.