Sol is designed for hard real-time. The software has been honed through the years for ever better performance, and total real-time predictability. At the basis of Sol is the tick cycle, for which you can specify the frequency. The entire software is guaranteed executed within a single tick. Our software stack is designed to be able to do Ethernet, ARINC 429, serial, discretes, and all other I/O completely contained within the tick. Actions that by nature cannot be fit into a tick because they take time, such as writing to Flash, are designed asynchronically with progress indication.

It that sounds technical, it is. But the net result is that you don't have to worry about real-time. We have.

Off course, if you specify a higher frequency (i.e. more times per second), you can do less in a single tick (i.e. less milliseconds available). So how do you know that your program fits?

We've got you covered there too. We have developed advanced static analysis of your application, that allows us to accurately estimate the upper bound of your application. We will tell you exactly how many milliseconds (or % of CPU) your application will take. The numbers behind this estimation are measured on the actual hardware platform, which means the estimate is tailored to your hardware platform. This estimation process is DO-178C qualified, which means you can use it as an element of your application correctness proving.

Getting an accurate Worst-Case Execution Time has been one of the hardest parts of real-time programming. We made it simple.