DO-178C certification is a lot of work, and the majority of the work is at the bottom of the "V" process. So to simplify certification, we've taken the entire lower part of the "V", and we did it for you.

That means that you do not need to write low-level requirements or source code. You do not have to verify any compiler or object code. You do not have to review code. You do not have to do any unit testing or low-level requirement testing. In our experience, that saves 80% of the work.

For the technically minded: In terms of DO-178C, this is achieved by making a "middleware" layer with its own PSAC to SAS documentation. The certification process is not unlike what you would do for an operating system. In your own PSAC, you refer to our PSAC and our evidence. We complement this with a qualified compiler that compiles your requirements into intermediate code. We guarantee correct processing of your requirements. We don't guarantee the correctness of your requirements off course, so you still need to test your requirements, something often referred to as software integration testing or high-level requirement testing. Fortunately, integration testing is no more than 20% of total verification work, so you reduce verification work by 80%.