We are focussed on providing tools to dramatically simplify certification. We don't bypass DO-178C, we make it simpler to comply.

For instance, in Sol you are providing requirements. DO-178C requires you to provide data-flow analysis. For traditional applications, this is hard to do, and a lot of work. In Sol, you specify the inputs, the formula's and the outputs, so clearly the data flow is partially defined by your application. 

Our qualified tool will automatically document the data flow of your requirements. For instance, for every output of your application, we determine automatically what the possible outputs are. The result can be surprising, and it provides you with exactly the right information to know how to steer your system integration tests.

Here you can see certification shine. DO-178C demands data flow analysis because it is a very good way to identify the correctness. That is a good idea, except that it is hard to do. Because we made it simple to analyze, you can now do it interactively. Hone the correctness of your algorithms based on the static analysis of the runtime behavior. 

This will dramatically improve the safety of your software. It will reduce the time and cost of the software by pointing out issues early. We make it simple to iterate, right from the start, until you get it right. So there are no surprises at the end of the project.