We love to keep it simple when it comes to pricing.

We Do Your Project

We can implement your application, your avionics, even your entire cockpit. For this, we provide a single fixed price and time estimation quote. Fixed price, even if you change things. For the first half of the project, you can still change the requirements and we will not charge extra for such changes. What this means is that you can start development while you are still trying to nail things down. We know of no other company that provides you with this kind of flexibility, and we believe it provides our customer with an incredible time to market.

We'll even help you change your mind. From very early on in the project, you'll get functional prototypes that you (and your target pilots) can evaluate. From a certification point of view, at an FAA/EASA Stage of Involvement 2 (SOI-2) audit you can present working software, inviting feedback from the authorities long before the end of the project. A major cause of project delays is change requests that occur when pilots or authorities evaluate the working software, which in other companies is typically when the project is completed. Such change requests can really hurt your entry-into-service timeline. With functional software at SOI-2, that risk is greatly reduced, while still being able to address concerns of pilots and authorities.

The fixed price depends on the scope of the work, and on the certification level. It also depends on the payment method. Because we can rely on the Sol technology, we typically have far better pricing that any other competitor with reliable DO-178 certification experience.

You Do Your Project

You can also execute the Sol project using your own team. To do so, you simply license Sol. There is a one-time fee for the certification kit that is specific to your hardware platform (but not specific to your project - so you can use it in as many projects as you like), and a recurring fee for the runtime per installed device. Given the amount of automation you get when using Sol, you'll earn back those costs right on the first project.

We do not charge developer seats, and the use of a certification kit is eternal. Whenever appropriate, you can pull additional people into the project at no additional license cost. With Sol, you can provide support for as long as the aircraft flies, without recurring fees to us. We also offer a maintenance contract with concrete services at advantages rates, if that is your choice.

We also provide other services, including training.

For just 5000 euro, we provide you with training in our technology for one day for a class of up to 20 people at our offices. You will also receive the non-certified software so that you can start to build the application the same day. Optionally, we can also provide training at your facilities. 

We Both Do Your Project

Another option is that we do the first version of your project, and you then take over the project. This is a great deal, because you get a fixed cost implementation by an experienced team, which makes it low risk. At the same time, you do not need to rely on us for your long term support, which ensures you have the independence you need to do your business.