In just a few hours, the Paris Air Show 2015 opens its doors. We are exhibiting in Hall 2b, booth F42. Looking forward to seeing you there.

We're also kicking off our "Simplify" campaign. Simplify is something we are working on every day. Every feature we bring, we consider not what the market has done in the past, but rather what would be simpler than things done in the past. These kinds of decisions are literally subject of daily discussions at our offices.

We also try to simplify our own software internally. Simpler software usually works more consistent, faster and more reliable. We discuss each others code with no respect for the status quo, and push to achieve internal code we love and are proud of.

But off course, we do all this to make your software development easier. We make cockpits ourselves, so we know exactly what it takes to build certifiable software. We work toward a feature set that makes certification fast and fun (when is the last time you heard "certification", "fast" or "certification" and "fun" in one sentence?).

So it is with a lot of pleasure that we present the Simplify campaign, that so accurately reflects our internal motivations.