(UN)MANNED NV is an aerospace company in Belgium founded in 2014. Although the company is relatively young, it's employees have decades of relevant experience in Aerospace, Space and embedded systems.

(UN)MANNED builds platforms and instruments for the cockpits of aircraft. As its name suggests, (UN)MANNED focuses both on MANNED and UNMANNED business. We strongly believe that for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to fly over populated areas, they need to comply to the same airworthiness, flight and communication rules as ordinary aircraft. At the same time, (UN)MANNED believes that passenger aircraft need technologies from the UAV industry to improve safety, reduce fuel consumption and increase flight duration accuracy. Ultimately, the distinction between manned and unmanned flight will disappear. (UN)MANNED is focused today on the crosspollination of both manned and unmanned flight. Hence our name.

The complexity of avionics instruments has increased dramatically in a short time. We believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the coming years, the rise in complexity of these instruments may actually accelerate. Requirements put forward by both industry and government require radical improvements in carbon emissions, noise reduction, flight time accuracy, and overall safety. Such improvements almost invariably require substantial software and electronics support, and these new systems need to integrate with the existing systems in very complex ways. As the average worldwide quality of living rises, especially in developing countries such as China, India and Brazil, the number of people that travel also increases rapidly, bringing new challenges to already busy international airport to safely land an increasing amount of traffic. At the same time, worldwide competition is increasing. Pressure to bring aircraft to the market more quickly, and on budget, is bigger than ever. Cost of mistakes is also rising quickly. All of these aspects create an environment where instruments need to be better than ever before.

For this reason, (UN)MANNED is focused on making radical improvements in the way software is constructed. Drawing on decades of research in computing, and based on the very specific safety and technical needs of the aerospace market, (UN)MANNED brings products to the market that truly improve the way software can be made.

In doing so, we believe we can transform the avionics market. Innovation is deeply embedded in (UN)MANNED culture. The boldness, the ambition, the belief that there are no limits, the desire among our people to not just make good products, but to make the very best products in the world. That is in our values. That is the DNA of the company.