Is Sol Hard?

Sol is a software scripting language specially designed to have a very simple and intuitive syntax. It is simpler than most other programming languages. If you you understand the aircraft design, and already know about certification for DO-178C, then learning the syntax can be done in a training session of just 1 day

In addition, we also have a 1-day training session to teach you what DO-178C compliance means in practice for your Sol avionics project.


Thinking Different

Sol is a functional specification language. In a sense, it is a lot like Excel. You need to specify the formula's, and the Sol compiler will figure out how to translate that into working code. Off course, in Sol you also specify your inputs, outputs, screens, etceteras. What you are not doing in Sol, is creating a sequential program to execute. Looping algorithms also work different relative to procedural languages (such as C, C++ and Ada). You need to specify what the problem is you want to solve, not how to solve it. Just apply an operator to a list, no need to manually iterate over the elements of a list.

The biggest jump for any developer is to think about a problem in functional terms. Typically, for system engineers, Sol's way feels quite natural as it reflects the way they look at the avionics system.


Training Courses

(UN)MANNED offers two one day training courses, which can be combined. This is usually organized at our own premises, but on demand can also be organized at your organization.


Developer Resources

Existing customers are supported directly by our team. You will have a contact inside our company who is used to developing Sol applications and should be able to answer any question you may have, or get you the answer quickly.

Sol comes with a set of documentation that provides sample coding standards and how to comply to DO-178C using Sol.