We revolutionize the creation of DO-178C certified software.


(UN)MANNED provides companies that build aircraft, and their suppliers, with software development tools and avionics software for manned and unmanned aircraft, with full DO-178C automated FAA and EASA qualification up to Design Assurance Level A. 

We make it simpler to build smarter and safer avionics software. We believe avionics software scripting can revolutionize the safety of aircraft. It is time to reduce pilot error by improving the software that supports them.


Pilots are decision makers, not data hunters.


Custom Avionics Software

We create custom avionics software for any series size, for any requirements, and any certification level.

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Automate DO-178C

Avionics software needs to be certified and approved by authorities. Automate all 71 of the objectives you need to meet.

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