(UN)MANNED is a fast growing software startup with tremendous opportunities for inhouse career growth. We aim to redefine aerospace software, and to become an essential part of every new aircraft, or aircraft upgrade.

We are working on the onboard software and associated electronics for manned aircraft and spacecraft, as well as on both the ground stations and the onboard software for unmanned aircraft and spacecraft. We mostly work on large unmanned aircraft, which have the same safety needs as manned aircraft.

As a team, we strive for diversity and actively encourage diversity, and respect your life outside of the company.

We do insist on coming in to the office to have a good team spirit and fast interactions. You will be located in (UN)MANNED's offices in Bruges, Belgium. Our offices are within walking distance of the train station, with excellent connections to Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp and Leuven.

We have a hands-on approach, where managers are deeply involved in the execution. 

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C# + Swift Developer

(UN)MANNED builds a brand new language, Sol. Sol has its own Integrated Development Environment (Solide), with a common base and a native UI for the platforms we support: Windows 10, Mac OS and iOS.

Solide is a text-editor first, but has many visualization capabilities, some of which are yet to be developed by you.

In addition to the usual team skills, we are looking for the following skills:

  • Knowledge of C#
  • Knowledge of Objective-C/Swift
  • Knowledge of C
  • Loves developing cross-platform interfaces
  • Very good in software architectural design
  • Developer that gets things done, with high quality focus

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Article Writer(s)

Your work is to write stories and articles about our technology. These articles are written as original content by you, and you will not have a prior source for translation. You have good taste, with a strong sense for "what is right". You master the language you are writing in, writing in eloquent sentences without spelling errors, yet avoiding hard words like "eloquent". You must assume the reader's native language is not English.

You are expected to write articles that are interesting and bring actual content to the reader (i.e. not fluff). Given the lack of online resources on our technology, the author will need to interact closely to discuss the articles. However, you will need to be highly autonomous when doing the writing. Real projects we execute usually have confidentiality clauses, so you will be restricted in what you can write about what we do.

When applying, make sure to highlight why you are technologically qualified to understand our technology in depth, and why you are well suited to turn that insight that into useful articles, preferably by pointing to a list of prior technical articles you have written (not just translated). For non-English applications, you should also highlight how you understand the technology market of the region where the language is used.

This position is open for full-time employment, but we are also open to arrangements where the author is paid by article, or other metric.  We are also open for contributors who choose a different major language to write in, such as French, Spanish, German, and Chinese.

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Sales Support Engineer

We are looking to build a new sales team. Your role will be very hands on, writing bids and taking an active role in the prospection process.

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Experts in Embedded Computer Vision

We are working on computer vision for Unmanned Aircraft, using C code (main processor) and VHDL (FPGA).

If you have a background in computer image processing and embedded software development,
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Collaborative Innovation Manager

(UN)MANNED does a lot of innovation projects with partners from the industry and academia. These projects are usually aimed at truly raising the state of the art, and being second to none. Our research aim is on the intersection between artificial intelligence and airworthiness certification. The concept of having a computer make decisions (AI) is the direct opposite of proving the correctness of the application (certification). That tension field is the focus of our business and research.

Your job is to manage the research, from the initial interacting with partners, to winning projects, to leading them, as well as publishing about the result. You will work closely with, and report directly to, the CEO. Your work touches on all parts of our technology and future products. You work with (y)our people, and help further strengthen the research team.

Beside research credentials on relevant topics, prior experience with EU collaboration projects is a big plus when applying for this job.

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