(UN)MANNED is a fast growing software startup with tremendous opportunities for inhouse career growth. We aim to redefine aerospace software, and to become an essential part of every new aircraft, or aircraft upgrade.

We are working on the onboard software and associated electronics for manned aircraft and spacecraft, as well as on both the ground stations and the onboard software for unmanned aircraft and spacecraft. We mostly work on large unmanned aircraft, which have the same safety needs as manned aircraft.

As a team, we strive for diversity and actively encourage diversity, and respect your life outside of the company.

We do insist on coming in to the office to have a good team spirit and fast interactions. You will be located in (UN)MANNED's offices in Bruges, Belgium. Our offices are within walking distance of the train station, with excellent connections to Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp and Leuven.

We have a hands-on approach, where managers are deeply involved in the execution. 

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Embedded C Developer

Join our team that builds a brand new airborne operating system "Sol Operating System". 

SolOS is a new revolutionary system that makes it far easier to build safe software for aircraft. It is currently used in cockpits of manned aircraft, as well as in large unmanned aircraft. SolOS is developed entirely in Bruges, Belgium. SolOS runs bare on an ARM-based embedded processor, and is written entirely in C.

You will join the team that builds SolOS. Although SolOS is used in the cockpit of an aircraft, you do not need to know how an aircraft works. However, the real-time performance of your code is one of many core design aspects of your code.

There is a very strong emphasis on elegance and quality of our code. If you like to be appreciated not just for the result of the software, but also for the beauty of your internal code design, then you are the right person for the job. Typical for avionics applications is the strong need to describe what you do, which means that your code will need to be documented. The process requires that this documentation is reviewed by someone other than you, so the beauty and elegance of your code will not go unnoticed. We really care deeply about the design of your code. Equally important is your ability to function in a team, where others may have remarks about details of your code.

You will typically need a master degree in computer science, or engineering with a strong software development experience, or be otherwise very skilled at software development.

In addition to the usual team skills, we are looking for the following skills:

  • Very good at reading, understanding and decomposing technical requirements written in English
  • Good at software design
  • Experience software development in C
  • Plus: Knowledge of VHDL and (Xilinx) FPGA development

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VHDL Developer

FPGA is a core part of our own hardware design, offloading the embedded software using advanced VHDL functionality. The work varies from implementing communications protocols to manipulating images, as well as parallel-computation tasks. The VHDL code collaborates with an Six-Core ARM processor. You will be designing VHDL for the Xilinx Zinq UltraScale+ or more recent FPGAs.

You will be part of the SolOS team, a team developing brand new airborne software platform we call the "Sol Operating System". The FPGA work runs on our own proprietary hardware. There is no need to support a large variety of legacy hardware, which provides us with all the control we need to really push the limits of the hardware. 

In addition to the usual team skills, we are looking for the following skills:

  • Very good at reading, understanding and decomposing technical requirements written in English
  • Good at VHDL software design
  • Plus: Knowledge of Xilinx or Xilinx Zinq.

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C# + Swift Developer

(UN)MANNED builds a brand new language, Sol. Sol has its own Integrated Development Environment (Solide), with a common base and a native UI for the platforms we support: Windows 10, Mac OS and iOS.

Solide is a text-editor first, but has many visualization capabilities, some of which are yet to be developed by you.

In addition to the usual team skills, we are looking for the following skills:

  • Knowledge of C#
  • Knowledge of Objective-C/Swift
  • Knowledge of C
  • Loves developing cross-platform interfaces
  • Very good in software architectural design
  • Developer that gets things done, with high quality focus

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Sales Support Engineer

We are looking to build a new sales team. Your role will be very hands on, writing bids and taking an active role in the prospection process.

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Government Sales/Subsidy Manager

You will be the lead person for writing subsidy files, as well as following them up, both for European and Flemish subsidies.

In addition, you will be the lead person joining or bringing together teams to bid on ESA projects.

In addition to the usual team skills, we are looking for the following skills:

  • You are good at writing subsidy dossiers, both on the European and Flemish level.
  • You have prior experience with European subsidies.
  • You write fluent Dutch and English, and can speak both reasonably well.
  • You are able to follow-up and officially report on previously won projects.
  • Optional: you have prior experience with sales for ESA.

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Experts in Embedded Computer Vision

We are working on computer vision for Unmanned Aircraft, using C code (main processor) and VHDL (FPGA).

If you have a background in computer image processing and embedded software development,
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