Sol on iPad


Simulating Hardware

When starting an avionics project, the final hardware is often not yet available. Alternatively, the hardware may be available but too expensive to provide to all developers on the team.

In these cases, Sol on iPad provides the solution. Sol on iPad provides a built-in simulator that imitates ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, RS-422, discrete and analog I/O, and off course Ethernet. These inputs can be provided with simple inputs (for instance sinusoide) or advanced inputs (modeling specific behavior). Using Ethernet, multiple iPads can be connected together such that the ARINC 429 outputs of one iPad connect to the ARINC 429 input of another iPad. In fact, any Sol device can behave this way in development mode, even if the code is running on the target hardware. Which means the ARINC 429 inputs to the target hardware can be driven from your iPad in simulation mode. In effect, your iPad then serves as a virtual test console for your application. This is not only great for testing your application, but it can also save substantial amounts of money by avoiding the need to build a physical setup with switches and knobs.

The simulator on target hardware is certified such that the simulation mode can be used as certification evidence for your application. The simulator mode is automatically and permanently disabled when deploying the final application to the target hardware.



Running Sol on iPad as a native language is useful to create airborne iPad applications in a snap. Sol comes with all of its regular features, and is only missing avionics I/O channels. For example, an iPad can be used to create a weight-and-balance computer for efficient aircraft loading. If the main cockpit is also developed in Sol, and the cargo bay has a wifi connection to the cockpit, then data from the aircraft can be used in the weight and balance application.

Applications developed using Sol on iPad can be deployed in the App Store.


As A Mobile Cockpit for UAVs

When the iPad is connected to a wireless uplink to a UAV, then the iPad can be directly used as the UAV cockpit display. You can use all of the power available in Sol to build a cockpit that is second to none.