All of our software tooling, without certification evidence, is free for academic use.

Flightworthy software with certification evidence can be obtained by schools after discussion and with agreement of the scope of its use. As long as the purpose is clearly for academic research, and if we have the evidence for that particular platform available off-the-shelve, then this evidence too can be free of payments.

We are actively collaborating with universities and schools, both teachers and students, in the following domains:

  • Computer Science:
    • Formal Methods;
    • Model-Based Design;
    • Deterministic Artificial Intelligence;
    • Language Development.
  •  Aerospace:
    • Unmanned Aircraft;
      • Flight characteristics and auto-piloting;
      • Actual UAV projects;
      • Certification for non-segregated airspace.
    • Cockpit Design;
    • Next-Generation Avionics, including ADS-B and 4D navigation;

We also always have a long list of topics for students that we'd love for you to work on. From really cool UAV work to deep formal work, contact us and let's discuss what you'd love to work most on.