DO-178C, the Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, revision C, is a document published by RTCA, Inc.

The document focusses on the software development and lifecycle process. It expresses this as activities to be performed, and objectives on the result of the activities. (UN)MANNED provides automation for most of these objectives.

The objectives are summarized into 10 tables.

  • A-1: Software Planning Process (7 objectives);
  • A-2: Software Development Processes (7 objectives, where source code and executable are 2 objectives);
  • A-3: Verification of Outputs of Software Requirements Process (7 objectives);
  • A-4: Verification of Outputs of Software Design Process (13 objectives);
  • A-5: Verification of Outputs of Software Coding & Integration Processes (9 objectives);
  • A-6: Testing of Outputs of Integration Process (5 objectives);
  • A-7: Verification of Verification Process Results (9 objectives);
  • A-8: Software Configuration Management Process (6 objectives);
  • A-9: Software Quality Assurance Process (5 objectives);
  • A-10: Certification Liaison Process* (3 objectives).