We previously talked about being the spreadsheet-revolution for avionics software. One of the key aspects of spreadsheets is that you see not your formulas, but the data. We humans are very good at pattern recognition, and actually seeing the data is often so much more valuable than only seeing an abstract formula, especially if you can see the values vary together over time.

So we designed Sol to show you the actual values current live value for every single formula or variable in your application. You see these values change over time as your application executes. This is enormously powerful as you run in simulation on the PC. But we know that this does not help if you are trying to nail down a problem on the target platform. Or sometimes, you really just want to develop on the target hardware to get the actual physical colors, size and buttons. So we have built an amazing feature that let's you see all of the values of every variable *as it runs on the target*. So next to your formula our Sol editor, you see the values of the target you have selected.

And now that you have selected that target, you can also pause that target, to better study those values. You can proceed step by step through your application as it runs on target.

But isn't it often that you see a glitch in your application, and you press pause, but it's too late. The issue is in the past, and it can be really painful to recreate the exact same situation for the anomaly to appear again. So we came up with a solution for that too.

With Sol, you can roll back your application. You can step backward through your application, and your application rolls back to that state. Using the slider bar, you can go backward and forward in time, while seeing all internal values. If your application has visuals, you will *see* those visuals roll back. It has never been easier to debug an application.

We went one step further, and made this feature available on target hardware. This is absolutely unique in the market: on an embedded device, you can move the state backward and forward with live data feeding into your editor. Developing for embedded targets is literally just as simple as developing on a PC. This changes everything for any software team that deals with real life problem on target hardware.