We build custom avionics for a single application, or to integrate the entire cockpit. Any series size.


Any Series Size

Regardless of whether you need a series of 1, or if you need thousands of units, (UN)MANNED provides custom avionics software that suits your needs. We work with avionics hardware providers, using off-the-shelve hardware so that even the smallest series can get the most advanced glass cockpits.


Any Application

(UN)MANNED is capable of building any avionics application for you. Whether you need a Primary Flight Display (PFD), a Mission Computer, an Engine Indication and Crew Alert System (EICAS) for your aircraft, or an integrated custom application for trainer aircraft, (UN)MANNED can supply the solution for your project.

We will also do complete glass cockpit integration for you.

We will even combine multiple applications into a single package at the same cost, as we don't charge per application. Learn more about pricing 

We were facing obsolescence issues on our existing Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System (EICAS). (UN)MANNED provided us with a brand new application that does everything the old application did, and then adds features. They did all the integration with off-the-shelve Barco avionics hardware. The fixed-price budget and the maiden flight were exactly as planned at the start of the project.
— Thomas Brandt, CEO of Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik

Our Platform

When we build a solution, we do not need to start from scratch. Our platform Sol that has the most important features of needed for most avionics platforms, ready to go. We have not yet encountered an application that was not compatible with our platform, and we can integrate with any third party software.  Read more about Sol


Fast Prototyping

Sol allows us to get started really fast. Discussions on the application do not need to use Visio or Powerpoint drawings, first screens are obtained almost immediately, and first behavior is enabled just as fast. Learn more about scripting applications 


Dramatic Risk Reduction

Not just the software is available very quickly, since certification is largely auto-generated, the certification documents are available right at the start of the project. Given that certification is usually cited as the single largest risk to a project, the effect of having this evidence from the start is liberating. System designers have significantly more freedom to design the perfect cockpit for the aircraft. Find out more about certification evidence generation 


No Lock In

We strive to provide changes as cost efficient and flexible as your internal staff. But to reassure you, we also provide a variety of ways in which you can be assured that the maintenance of the application can be done by your own engineers. For instance, our experts can make a first version of the software that is feature complete, for a fixed price, and then have your own team take over.