Sol natively supports the Cockpit Display System standard ARINC 661, with a designer and the ability to new widgets and add behaviors.


Integrate Your Existing Designs

Drawing directly in OpenGL, Sol is ARINC 661 compliant. You can use any third party editor to create your screens, store the definition file on disk, and use it directly from within Sol.


No Third Party Software Needed

Besides using definition files, you can also directly script the screens right from inside Sol. Adding a widget takes just a single line in a script.



Sol also comes with its own screen drawing tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently prototype screens with no need for expensive third party software.


Define Your Own Widgets

Finally, you can even define new widgets in Sol, which you can then use from your definition file or from Sol itself. So you can script new widgets, and use them just as easily as the predefined built-in widgets. Building avionics screens has never ben easier.


Certifiable To Level A

As always, the generation of the screens is certified, such that you never have to do any review activities on the generated code. If you specify a taped bar or a angular gauge or a text box, you know we have already proven it will either be there, or the compiler will warn you of detected problems. No need to worry about how to prove the widget is on the screen. In this way, ARINC 661 in Sol is far ahead of competing solutions.


Built-In Test Capabilities

Even better, the Sol platform includes certified real-time screen grabbing, which allows you to save any screen to disk without disrupting the normal activity of application. This is really useful for system testing. For instance, in your Sol script, if you use a discrete input as the trigger to take a screenshot (which takes just a couple of lines), then you can do system testing as follows: set the inputs to a particular value, and an trigger the discrete to take a picture. No third party items are needed to obtain you compliance proof, as our screen grabbing is certified to be accurate. With just a couple of script, you can also specify the file name, or even take a sequence of screenshots to prove transitions.