Using Sol, it is possible to write any avionics application. Primary flight display (PDF), Engine Indicator and Crew Alert System (EICAS), Flight Director, Mission Computer, all of these applications can be written in Sol. 

But wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to write the application, because we already did it for you?

At Farnborough 2014, (UN)MANNED will introduce the first in a series of pre-built avionics applications. These applications are designed to comply with international standards for avionics. The applications have optional certification evidence for the DO-178C certification up to level A.

The applications can be purchased standalone, on any of our supported platforms. Choose your platform, choose your application, choose the certification level you need, and you can use the application out-of-the-box, with no additional certification work on your side.

If you have a Sol development license, you get the full Sol source code for your purchased applications. This allows you to take our application, and adapt it to your needs. Look at how we built a Primary Flight Display, then change what you wanted different for your purposes. Combined with Sol's automated certification features, developing avionics software has never been so efficient.